YPTOSPACE Becomes a Reality – Phase One of the ICO Begins!

YPTOSPACE Becomes a Reality – Phase One of the ICO Begins!

As the leading multi-use personal platform for
the crypto community, YPTOspace is continuing to make waves across the sector
with its innovative solutions and the lowest fees in the business.

YPTOspace Moves to the Next Stage

We have the mission to become the leading
personal platform for the crypto space – with access to gaming, cryptocurrency
trading, pre-paid cards and payment solutions we want to revolutionise the way
you engage with finance, trading and gaming on a day to day basis.

The interest in YPTO to date has been
phenomenal. Ranked number one in the top 10 most promising platforms of Neironix / Huobi / Kaspersky Labs YPTOspace is continuing to grow at speed.

Phase One ICO Offers Unbeatable Rates

We are set to launch our main ICO on March 25
but now that we are live and offering all those who have an YPTOspace
account the introductory rate of $0.01.

 Truly the
lowest rates in the business!

The second phase of the ICO in April will be
publicly open and available at the rate of $0.02 – with such low rates we have
seen an amazing take-up of the coin.

Introducing YPTOcoin – The Premier Utility
Coin for the Crypto Community

The decentralised cryptocurrency YPTOcoin is a
brand new crypto-utility coin for YPTOspace that can be used to access a wide
range of services and product which also includes the YPTO referral program and

        Blockchain secured high-speed

        Assurance of anonymity with
automated blockchain protocols

        Use of both FIAT and
cryptocurrencies to trade, pay and play

·         Lowest exchange
fees in the industry

‘YPTOspace is here to disrupt the way we deal
with money and break the bridge between FIAT and cryptocurrencies’ – Gregory
Stoos, CEO of YPTOspace

Early Investment = Great Expected Returns

With the lowest introductory rates of $0.01
available for all registered uses unto the 25 March, investors are invited to
secure their stake in the first phase of the platform’s ICO – the end value of
YPTOcoin will, of course, be dictated by the market after the ICO but with such
a strong interest amongst our investors already we are expecting excellent
returns. You can still sign up now!

As a form of payment YPTOcoin offers less
expensive, secure and fast payment than any other cryptocurrency making the
mover from crypto to FIAT payments.

Developing the Perfect Crypto Ecosystem

With YPTOspace being rolled out as one of the
leading and most dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystems available to the market, we
will with this ICO become to ensure that the platform continues to grow – low
rates, multiple usages, and good returns mean that with your help YPTOspace
will change the way the community engages.

We want to shape the way we interact with our
money –
join us on our journey.

About Us: YPTOspace’s team is uniquely suited to create a
global ecosystem for the use of fiat and crypto assets. We are a group of
passionate experts from a wide range of fields, including software development,
marketing, media and quality assurance, the finance, and legal sectors. The
core team consists of experienced professionals to ensure that we can implement
the entire suite of services which we envision. For all media inquiries please
contact Lidia Almeida or visit
our homepage

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